Why Do People Opt For An Epoxy Floor For Their Garages?

Very durable finishes that people often apply to their garage floors with epoxy coating. This coating will shield the garage floor and change the monotonous-looking concrete into a beautiful and professional-looking one. Epoxy flooring is called thermosetting resin, and it is applied in the form of a coating to concrete. This kind of flooring is created by mixing one part of clear resin with another part of polyamine hardener. So, it creates a double coating. After mixing the two parts, the hardener works like a catalyst and forms one kind of chemical reaction. This curing procedure creates cross-linked polymer structures which give epoxy superior quality, strength, and durability.

As a garage has turned into more than a place where people park their cars, most owners opt for garage floor epoxy for their garages. This flooring option is also ideal for commercial and residential applications. Epoxy floors not only protect garages from different elements but give them a showroom shine. You can choose from many coating systems for your garage, like understated hues and colors. Some other choices are metallic, combinations of color flakes, or custom colors that would match your home style and also your preferred sports team efficiently well.

How long does an epoxy floor last?

Commonly, epoxy floors last for a couple of or three years when they remain exposed to heavy traffic. In some commercial properties, such as factory spaces, restaurants, and garages that receive a lot of regular foot traffic, this flooring lasts for a much longer period. If a residential space uses epoxy flooring, such as garages and patios, and when it is maintained well, then this flooring looks great for a longer period. With proper care, residential epoxy flooring does last for even a decade!

The preparation process

An epoxy coating needs a little porous and clean surface, and epoxy might not bond well to polished or sealed concrete. Before applying epoxy floor coating, you must repair and patch every crack and chip. Again, you must make it a point to remove all grease too. When the concrete isn’t new, you must examine the surface for other products that have been applied or layers of epoxy too. It is also important to check the temperature before you apply an epoxy coating, besides following all the recommendations of the manufacturer. You must know that an unfavorable temperature can make the epoxy peel. The professionals must apply the epoxy coating in a short period so that it does not become hard.

Hiring the best companies

When you think of garage floor epoxy, you must get in touch with popular companies. The company you choose must specialize in different floor coatings for basements, commercial spaces, and garages. Additionally, the company must value every customer and propose superb services regardless of the project. The reputed companies work faster to deliver the best outcomes and make the floor ready in just one day. Additionally, they propose a lifetime warranty too.