Why Annual Roof Inspections Are So Important

If you are a homeowner in the United Kingdom, you will already be aware of the harsh climate and this can really take its toll on your roof, which protects the building. The only way to really keep tabs on the condition of your roof is to have regular roof inspections, which can be performed by your local roofers in Gloucester, who would be happy to inspect your roof at intervals set by yourself.

Aspects of a Roof Inspection

Typically, a roof inspection involves the following:

  • Checking for missing or damaged roof tiles.
  • Cleaning out the guttering and downpipes.
  • Inspecting the flashing.
  • Checking the fascia and soffit boards.
  • Chimney inspection

Should the roofer find any issues, he can repair them immediately, before any damage is caused, and with a roof inspection annually, you should have no major problems.

Storm Damage

This is a major cause of roof damage, as gale force winds can lift roof tiles, plus flying debris could easily damage a section of the roof, as could a falling tree branch. You should inspect your roof after every bout of heavy weather, as this is a time when damage is more likely to occur, and should you notice anything out of the ordinary, contact your local roofer as soon as possible.


If, for any reason, rainwater can enter the internal roof structure, the joists and rafters will begin to decay, and the damp would then move down to the upstairs ceilings, and if it reaches that point, you are looking at considerable expense.