Owning a business means getting your goods to the clients on time. When your services and products need to be shipped out, you need a shipping method that is conducive to your needs and affordable. LTL Freight Shipping is one of the most popular methods used by business owners to cargo weights that aren’t too big and don’t require an entire trailer. It is a cost-effective method of shipping goods as you only have to pay for the space that has been occupied by your goods and not the unoccupied portion. If you aren’t aware of this type of shipping method, then here is all that you need to know about it.

What is LTL freight shipping?

LTL, also known as less than truckload freight shipping method which is used for shipping goods that weigh between 150 to 30,000 lbs. It is a type of cargo that doesn’t need you to fill a 48 or 53-foot trailer. LTL is an excellent option for transporting small shipments or when you don’t want to use the whole trailer. When you choose this mode of shipping, you only have to pay for the part of the freight that your goods occupy and the other shippers who are also making use of the same freight would be paying for the remaining space which is occupied by their shipment.

Why should you opt for this type of shipment?

These are some of the reasons why you should opt for this type of shipment:

Lesser Shipment cost: When you opt for LTL shipping, you would only be paying for the portion that your shipment is using. You don’t have to pay higher shipping costs or rent a whole trailer for a small shipment.

Easy Tracking: LTL freights share the tracking details of the goods, which include the range of dates during which the parcel would be picked up, date of shipping, reference number, PPO number, date of landing and bill of landing to name a few.

More Security: Whenever you are shipping any goods you are worried about the safety of the goods reaching safely. When a shipment is done through LTL the packages are put on pallets which helps to keep them safe and secure.

A great option for Small Businesses It is a great option for small companies and businesses as it lets them ship fewer goods as per their requirement. The costs for shipping are also lesser.

An Environmental Friendly option: As many shippers can share the same container, there is a lesser number of trucks that are on the road. This also helps to bring down air pollution.

Planning to ship a parcel? Reach out to the nearest LTL shipping services

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