Tree Pruning Tips for the Homeowner

Trees are an essential aspect of a nice garden, as they provide shading and aesthetic appeal, and like any other living organism, they do require some tender loving care. Tree running can seem a little daunting for the novice gardener, and with that in mind, here are a few basic tips to help you carry out effective pruning on your trees.

  • Seasonal Pruning – The majority of trees should be pruned at the beginning of spring, as the dormant seasons has just finished, and the new shoots will be optimised for the new growth season. There are some tree species that should be pruned in the autumn months, and with an online search, you can find out the required information on any particular species. If the pruning seems a little daunting, there is affordable tree surgery in Perth from an established local arborist and he would be happy to carry out some annual pruning.
  • Use the Right Tools & Equipment – It is imperative that you have the right pruning tools and equipment in order to carry out the work. The first thing you need is a pair of secateurs, which are used for close quarter pruning, plus you will need a long-handled pruning saw for pruning branches at height, which saves you having to climb ladders.
  • Small Chainsaw – An optional piece of equipment, a small chainsaw is ideal for pruning larger trees and it is light enough to be used at height.
  • Remove all Dead Wood – Dead branches should be removed as a matter of course, as they could present a danger, especially larger branches that might fall in high winds. In the event a tree has an unusually large amount of dead wood, this could be a sign of disease and you are advised to call in a local arborist for a professional opinion.
  • Inspect all Trees for Signs of Disease – If a tree succumbs to disease, it needs to be treated before it can infect nearby trees, so look for mould or signs that the tree is lifeless in certain sections. Of course, there are many different diseases that can affect trees and if you think you find signs of an issue, search online for images of tree infected and see if there are any similarities.
  • Shaping your Trees – A part of pruning involves shaping the trees to conform with the overall garden layout, and avoid taking too much greenery, as this could affect the photosynthesis process, as a lack of greenery makes it hard for the tree grow normally.
  • Wearing the Right Clothing –There is an element of danger when running trees, especially when working at height. If you are using stepladders, make sure that someone is standing at the bottom to keep the base solid, and the same goes for working from a ladder, with any large branches being roped and gently lowered to the ground, rather than being allowed to drop from the cut. Suitable footwear will protect your feet from falling branches and wear shoes or boots with a good tread.

Pruning is an essential part of tree care and of you would prefer to leave it to the professionals, an online search will help you locate a local tree surgeon who would be happy to schedule regular visits to ensure your trees are healthy and present no danger to people or property.

Find adequate information about the best tree removal company in your region. They should have experience and expertise in handling the job. The expert arborist would know how to move large trees safely and efficiently. The service provider you intend to choose should have a higher level of responsibility in handling the tree moving jobs in the best possible way.