One of the reasons why many homeowners go for a repair of roofing Mississauga is due to a leaking roof. Water can find its way inside the home through any vulnerable structure like missing shingles or clogged gutter and wreck havoc. When water continues to seep inside the house, it can cause severe damage, including damage to the foundation. You must identify the problem as soon as possible and fix it before the small problem causes bigger problems. A small drip inside the house can be a sign of water damage which might get out of control anytime. We have listed some of the causes of a roof leak.

Old Roofing

Roofing also ages with time. When the spending on repairing the roof keeps going up, you know that the roofing has aged. The roof faces extreme weather conditions, which causes the material to expand and contract. This can lead to cracking. The harsh rays of the sun can also deteriorate the material of the shingles and make them brittle. Whenever the roof begins to reach the end of its life, the leaks become more and more common.

Damage to the chimney

Most of the chimneys are made out of bricks that have been held together by mortar. Though the chimneys have a long lifespan, they still undergo erosion due to harsh weather, and water tends to seep into the chimney through the joints. This can be efficiently dealt with by applying patches on the joints, which can prevent the leak.

Compromised Flashing

Flashing is used on danger points to prevent leaks, and it is made out of metal. If the flashing has not been sealed properly, then water can easily seep through. Poor installation can also cause them to rust or crack.

Missing Shingles

Whenever there is a shingle that is missing, it needs to be replaced immediately. Replacing a single shingle is easy. All you have to do is remove the nail from the course below and then slide down the new shingle until it fits perfectly. Once that is done, the shingle needs to be secured with the help of nails. After replacing the shingles, you might notice a difference in color between the new and the old ones. This is because the old shingles have weathered over time.

Fault in Vent boot

The venting boot is what slides over the plastic vent pipes when they are protruding from the roof. The vent box prevents the water from getting into the junction of the roof and pipe. Plastic, metal, and rubber are some of the common materials used to make vent boots. When the vent boot has been damaged, you can easily remove it and install a new one.

Holes in the roof

There can be multiple reasons why the roof has holes in it; it could be due to storm damage or animal damage. Misplaced nails can also cause tiny holes in the roof. This can be fixed by applying flashing under the shingles.