Improvements To Your Current Bathroom To Enable a Disabled Person.

Sometimes life can deal you a pretty poor hand and things happen that change your whole life forever. Anyone, anytime can have a fall and we generally get up, brush ourselves down and continue on. However, as you get older, a fall like this could have some long lasting effects and you may not recover from it as well as you used to. A break may never heal properly and you may start to have difficulty moving around. For some, they feel that their life is over, but there is so much assistance out there for someone who is incapacitated in some way and life can continue on as normal as possible.

There are specialised businesses out there that can create aids for those of us who can’t get around like we used to and they can offer things like a bathroom for a disabled person in Bristol. They can add a number of things to your current bathroom and we will talk about them here today.

  • A support bar on the wall beside the toilet or sink is perfect for taking your weight and it is something you can grab onto to get yourself onto the toilet or back onto your feet.

  • Your toilet can have a bidet function which helps clean you after you have used the facilities. It’s easy to use, it’s cleaner and it means that you don’t have to reach around to find the toilet roll.

  • Special access to your toilet can be created like a wider door if you are in a wheelchair and also special taps and flush buttons are available if you have difficulty with the mobility of your hands.

Whatever your special requirements, you can be sure that your local disabled adaptions provider has something to help.