Importance of Using Stain Proof Sealers

The use of decorative colored or natural stone concrete pavers makes a wonderful addition to your homes. Though, like any other building material, these permeable surfaces are highly prone to unsightly staining by man-made and natural contamination. There are some reputable companies like Tech-Dry, which has successfully introduced a new generation surface treatment that protects the pavers against staining and also enhances the overall appearance of surfaces.

By proper utilization of innovative silicon nano-technology, the product named Protectaseal Enhancer deeply penetrates as well as lines the pores within the substrate of the paver. This helps in converting an absorbent surface into one that will be oil and water-repellent or stain-resistant. This makes stain proof sealers the best solution for all types of spaces.

Uses of stain-proof sealers

The stain-proof sealers can protect hundreds of thousands of commercial buildings, homes, and iconic structures. They are used in entertaining areas, patios, cladding, pool surrounds, facades, and walls of natural stone, bricks, paving, concrete, grout, concrete, and tiles. These penetrating sealers also stand up to techniques of commercial cleaning, e.g. maintain the surface slip resistance and high-pressure hosing as well. As Protectaseal Enhancer by Tech-Dry provides permanent bonding and deeper penetration, it also can provide protection from salt spalling, efflorescence, picture framing, and thaw spalling.

Benefits of using stain-proof sealers

An effective stain-proof sealer produces a pleasing finish aesthetically by highlighting contrasting colors in the substrate. This is gratifying particularly on concrete pavers, exposed aggregate, natural and ceramic stone tiles, and polished concrete.

The stain proof sealers are designed as a protective sealer to penetrate deep into the capillaries of the mason surfaces and also bond permanently within the substrate.  This renders and acts as a surface oil and water repellent. Tech-Dry Protectaseal provides amazing stain resistance against a vast variety of surface contaminants like coffee, tannin, wine, food, grease, oil, and other several food color-containing stains. It does not form a coating but can penetrate into the substrate offering a wet-look finish along with a minimal change to any surface texture as well as vapor permeability.

It can also help to reduce mold/algae growth and water absorption. It is essential to use stain-proof sealers as they are not only wear-resistant but also offer durable protection.

Things to consider when choosing the best stain-proof sealer:

  • Slip resistance

Apart from stain resistance, it is also important to consider that they help maintain slip resistance as well for any sealing project.

  • UV resistance

Any sealer that is applied to an outdoor natural or ceramic stone surface must feature UV resistance.

  • Thaw/freeze stability

Thaw/freeze can have a tremendous impact on outdoor hard scraping. When you choose a natural stone sealer, ensure that the product is designed to contract and expand with ground movement.

  • Breathability

Again, this is an important factor to consider where quality is concerned. If the moisture-vapor transmission is inhibited, it might lead to deterioration of the stone and spalling of the sealer.

If you are looking for the best stain proof sealers in Melbourne, choose Protectaseal Enhancer by Tech-Dry today. They are one of the leading manufacturers of various building protection products as well as waterproofing innovations.