How Does Escape Rooms Work – Virtual Escape Room Singapore 

Are our escape rooms scary? 

No, escape rooms are not scary. However, some of the escape rooms that have a horror theme are specially designed to be scary, like escaping a zombie apocalypse or solving the mystery of a vampire house, or more. Well, these rooms get you a good spook, but you should never be afraid for your safety. Your safety is our priority. Horror-themed escape rooms are a place where you can put an end to many of your fears.

Are there cameras in the escape rooms? 

Yes, there are cameras in the escape rooms. The purpose of the camera is to monitor the game, give players clues, and ensure that the players have the most wonderful experience. So don’t worry about anything, and we ensure you we will provide you with full safety and security.

Our escape rooms a fun place? 

Escape rooms are totally fun to be in. Especially when all the players are participating in the activity with all their hearts and brains. If you love solving puzzles and mysteries, then an escape room is the best place for you.

Escape room puzzles are interactive and thrilling. The more the number of players, the more will be fun. To book your escape puzzle, contact us now. Get a taste of the best virtual escape room experience at Virtual Escape Room Singapore.

Do you have to be smart to solve an escape room puzzle? 

No, you don’t have to be smart to solve an escape puzzle. Escape rooms are about interaction and thrill, and they are supposed to provide a relaxing environment for the player. Also, every individual is unique in their ways. If you want to play, then play in an escape room, enjoy your time there. Nobody is going to judge you; feel free to be yourself.