How Do People View and Use Live Stream?

Live Stream refers to online broadcasting multimedia media being played and recorded live in real-time. It can be referred to as real-time streaming, or simply streaming, but since “streamed” can mean any media being played and watched simultaneously, this ambiguous term is hardly useful.

Live streaming video uses the web camera’s built-in movie mode to provide a visually captivating experience. A Live Stream session begins with the installation of suitable software which is used to record the video streams.

Live Stream Singapore has indeed attracted a great deal of attention from the young people nowadays. Many blogs are dedicated to discussing the advantages of this latest technology that has made life so much easier. Young people are using Live Stream to share their personal experiences either through blogs or in social media groups like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln, to name a few.

A young person attending a social gathering using a cam and other equipment to record his or her own Live Stream experience, thus going live, is quite an exhilarating experience for that person too.

Various uses of Live Stream

There are many uses of Live Stream. There are indeed many ways to use Live Streams apart from recording and broadcasting your own Live Stream experience, which is the most popular way. You can, for example, use these streams to educate and train students using cutting-edge technology.

This new technology makes it possible for a teacher to show lecture slides to students and for a student to ask questions via a Live Stream. In this case, the student would need to have a microphone and a good internet connection for the students to hear and have access to the lecturer, thereby making the teaching experience live and one that is repeated over again.