Give Your Garage A Remodel

The garage, a room of the home originally meant to house your car that generally degrades into a dumping ground for all the stuff you don’t want cluttering up the house, but can’t bring yourself to throw away. In other words, it’s a big mess, and you would be lucky to squeeze a car into it! It doesn’t have to be that bad, start by throwing a garage sale to thin out the jumble, and once you can see the walls and floor again, give that garage the remodel it needs to make it a useful part of your home again.

The Doors – That clunky old garage door has always been difficult to manage, it weighs a ton and you never did get around to installing that automatic opener. It’s time to replace that dinosaur with a new residential bifold garage door, there are styles and colours available to suit every home. Bifold doors open on themselves, the pairs folding and stacking to the edges of your garage’s frame, just like closet doors. They are lighter weight than swing outdoors, and don’t require as much space.  Bifold garage doors can be opened manually or automatically, so it’s not too late to install that automatic opener!

The Walls – For some unknown reason, many garages are left unfinished! The walls aren’t drywalled, leaving the framing studs exposed. Moreover, there’s usually no insulation, which is why it’s always so cold in there in the winter, BRRR! Finish the job the builders left you by first installing proper insulation. Your garage is probably attached to one or more interior walls of your home, so insulating it will help regulate the indoor temperature and reduce your monthly utility bill. Now you can put up the drywall that should have been, and give it a coat of paint that will both protect the surface and make your garage a more pleasant place to be.

The Flooring – Most garage floors are made of concrete under the spills and grease stains. This tends to crack over time, and on its best day has all the charm of a parking lot. You can improve this unfortunate feature simply by putting on a coat of sturdy epoxy floor paint, or installing a tile floor covering. There are a variety of material options for the latter that can provide an attractive and easy to clean surface. You can even choose colours that match your new walls! Who says a garage has to be ugly?

Shelving and Storage – You’re never going to be able to get rid of every list bit of junk your garage has collected, so you might as well improve your capacity to keep it off the floor and out of the way! Installing new shelves and storage cabinets will solve the problem, and will make the place look better, too!

You could even put in a workbench and invest in some car repair tools, just don’t forget to leave room for the car.