Engineered Stone: Cost-Effective Alternative to Natural Marble

Humanity has come a long way in the few thousands of years he has been around and we can make many things, with engineered stone that looks and feels like natural marble or granite. This man-made product perfectly replicates the swirls and veins found in natural marble and there are a few specialist companies that makes engineered stone.

What is Engineered Stone Made from?
Engineered stone is made from crushed stone mixed with a resin and with a very high-pressure process, the slabs look and feel like natural stone. Furthermore, the large slabs allow you to fit out the kitchen from a single piece, using the same grain. The technicians that make engineered stone are highly skilled, producing such stunning designs as Calacatta marble and other great finishes. Search online for producers of engineered stone and see for yourself the amazing designs that are available.

Wide Range of Designs
Once you find the engineered stone supplier’s website, you can browse the many fine designs, which include a premier marble section that perfectly mimics classic Italian marble (you can’t tell the difference). A limited number of slabs are made, then that particular design is catalogued and is limited, so your kitchen benchtops will be as unique as any natural marble and no one would ever know your stunning kitchen tops are man-made.

Huge Savings
The savings are significant when compared to premium Italian marble, plus engineered solutions are eco-friendly, as there are no quarry activities or having to transport large slabs of stone to the finishing facility. The engineered stone supplier would likely have several grades, with a premier class, a standard and probably a special range, and with a Google search, you can be browsing the amazing designs and choosing the tops for your kitchen renovation. Engineered stone is easier to work than natural marble, which is yet another benefit to choosing a man-made solution for your bench tops and splashbacks.

Single Slab Solutions
Fitting a complete kitchen with marble benchtops and work surfaces can be completed using a single slab of engineered stone. It is much better to have the same stone design on all the kitchen surfaces and with engineered solutions, a single slab is usually all it takes.

When you factor in everything, engineered stone id the obvious choice and with a Google search, you can be browsing the many designs and choose something ideal.