The roof over the head is an essential part of your home. A damaged roof can cause damage to your house and landscape. There are various aspects of the roofing system that help to protect your home and eavestrough is one such element. It is the system that diverts the water away from the house. The water from the roof is collected in these pipes and is diverted away from the house. The system must be working properly, otherwise, it can cause structural damage to your home. Following are some signs that you need to look out for that indicate you need to carry out eavestrough repair Kitchener.


If the water has been leaking through the sections and overflowing through one-piece gutters, it is a sign that the eavestrough needs to be repaired as soon as possible. When there are leaks, it can cause water damage to the house. Water can also get collected near the foundation and make it weaker.

Sagging Gutter

The sight of a sagging gutter can be sore to the eyes. That is not just it. When the gutter is sagging, it can prevent the water from flowing away from the roof and house. If you see the gutter sagging, it is time to fix it. A sagging gutter can also cause the fascia to rot. The repairing might also include replacing the fascia.

Missing elements

There are times when certain parts of the gutter system might either become loose or fall off. This could put the whole system at risk. When you notice any part being missing or loose, you must carry out the repair almost immediately. Failing to do that can cause severe damage to the property.

Water Pools

Lately, if you have noticed water pools being formed near the house, it is a sign that the eavestrough system isn’t working correctly. When water pools have been forming for a long time it can cause a flooded basement and water damage to the foundation.


The eavestrough is attached to the end of the roofing, hence, it is a part of the roofing system. The eavestrough might begin to pull away from the roof. This usually happens when there is sagging. Fixing the sagging will also help to fix the pulling.

Why do you need to get the eavestrough repaired?

It is very tempting to put off repair work that is needed. Sometimes we do it intentionally and sometimes it just happens. When the eavestrough is not functioning properly, we might ignore it for a long time. It is the most underrated and essential part of roofing. Failing to fix it can cause damage to your home, which can be far more expensive to fix. When water is unable to flow away from the property, it eventually enters the house. It could be through the roof or ground. It can cause water damage, make the foundation weak and even flood the basement. Whenever you notice any of these signs you must carry out the repair.