Different Types of Mattresses for Sound Sleep

The proper support for your back’s health is essential. However, to do so, you must first be familiar with the numerous types of mattresses on the market. When you know what your body needs, you’ll be able to provide it. So, let’s have a look at the many mattress options accessible today at our Queensway Mattress store.

  1. A mattress with innerspring
    It has a steel coil support system, which may be found in a variety of configurations, such as many springs linked together in a single unit or separately wrapped coils. Within the available range, spring shapes, designs, gauges, and coil counts might vary. Ideally, the one with more coils gives more places of support.
  2. Mattresses with a pillow top
    The pillow-top mattress is one of the few types of mattresses that most people aren’t aware of. In order to make the mattress appear to have pillows on top, an additional layer of upholstery has been sewn onto the top. Fibres and foams are commonly found in this layer.
  3. Mattresses with a combination of foam and latex
    Components found in other types of mattresses make up the hybrid mattress’ support structure. Memory foam (viscoelastic) or latex foam, as well as various forms and gels, can be used.
    The foam mattress is a common product. However, most people are not aware of the many differences that exist within the same species. There are many different kinds of foam mattresses on the market, including memory foam, gel foam, and bonded foam mattresses, for example. Specialty foam mattresses may be made from a number of foam kinds, each with a specific purpose in mind. Polyurethane, memory (viscoelastic), and latex gels and materials are all popular additions to foam.
  4. A mattress infused with gel
    The gel can be found in the support system, the upholstery layers, or both in certain gel-infused foam mattresses. The use of a certain technique is required in order to incorporate the gel into the foam. It’s not as easy as it appears. And with the assistance of those, the various gel foams appear! And each of them can offer varying levels of comfort, feel, and heat dissipation benefits to users.

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