Different Technologies Your Company May Wish To Embrace

2020 was an eye-opener for many businesses as they had to ditch the traditional office-based environment and allow their workers to work remotely due to the global pandemic. As such, there are many technologies that companies have embraced to ease the transition from the workplace to home, which have aided their productivity and help to keep things ticking over. Below are some technologies you may wish to consider having for your business to help you drive it forwards, no matter how crazy the world gets.

Video Conferencing

Many companies have embraced video conferencing technology which allows workers to stay connected with each other and has had a significant impact on working remotely and its effectiveness. You can choose many options, such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, which are all functional and can be an excellent addition to the software you currently use.

Procurement Solutions

When you are not physically in your warehouse or place of business, it can be tricky to keep on top of your supply chain, and there are options to help you with this. You can utilise several e-procurement solutions to keep on top of this aspect of business and ensure that stock levels do not get too low. Using this type of software will also allow people to check up on stock levels and the order status of replacements that do not ordinarily work in this department.

Productivity Tracking Software

If you are not entirely comfortable with your employees working remotely and are worried some of them will be less productive, there are things that you can do to combat this. There are various types of software that you can use, which will track your employee’s productivity daily. However, it is vital to note that some people may see this as an intrusion on their privacy and see this as spying on them, so using this type of software may ruffle a few feathers. It is an excellent way to ensure your workers are doing their jobs to the expected level, making sure your business runs smoothly.

Cloud Storage

When your workers are not in the office and need access to documents, reports, or any other data type, you may need to consider a cloud storage solution that allows remote access to what is required. There are various cloud storage solutions available, and the cost will depend on how many users you require, and they are safe and secure to use and an excellent way to store sensitive information and allow those that need to have access to it.