Dealing with Frozen Pipes Flood Issue in Winter

The flooding that too in the winter season can be a catastrophic experience. If the water leak is not detected on time, then there are high chances of the problem turning serious. That is why here are a few things that should be done when the problem of frozen pipes flood arises till the time plumber arrives. This would give some time to protect the whole office before it gets flooded. After all, awareness is important, and being prepared for issues like this can prevent serious concerns from happening.

Dealing with frozen pipes flood:

This problem is common but it can be controlled if the reviewal of the property is done on time. By this, it simply means, it is the responsibility of the office owner to get a pretty review done before the cold weather arrives. This way if there are any potential winter water concerns that seem to be noticed, they can be dealt with on time. It also allows experts to buy time to prepare for some repairing on the areas that are susceptible to freezing when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Know the root cause:

Many people consider that it is the ice within the pipes that are frozen which causes the busting. It is possible but not to an extent that it would create damage the pipes may get clogged with the ice but beyond that individuals should not expect any further damage. However, if there are frozen pipes and the scope of bursting seems high then it could probably be due to the water pressure. This means, if the water pressure gets built up behind the ice plug, it would block the pipe to a great extent.

Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

  • Now that the root cause is understood, it is always better to take timely actions to prevent the problem of frozen pipes flood
  •   If there is a small crack noticed in the pipe, it means gallons of water can flood at the office. Similarly, if there is a large crack notice, it shall have the same effect. Rather it would make the faucets get full and the flow of water would begin
  •  Using heat tapes can be another great attempt. It is good to wrap the pipes with heat tape. For this, the length of coated wire should be sufficient to create warmness so freezing can be prevented. Such type of tape works best in those areas where even the HVAC-based heating is not present
  • Insulation pipe can be another great option to consider. Simply the insurance needs to be put around the pipe so the cold can be prevented. It is good to use the pre-made piping sheath or even the wrap pipe using the standard blanket pattern insulation.


In case despite the above preventive steps, if there are still frozen pipes flood beginning stage noticed then make sure the running water doesn’t reach the destination. For this cut off the valve and shut down the water flow. If there is any standing water then take a wet vacuum and remove it. Small steps like these can ensure the process of frozen pipes flooding is rightly taken care of.