Creative Den Renovations For Your Home

Having a den within our homes is a brilliant luxury, allowing us an escape whereby we can curl up without distraction, feeling warm and totally safe. Some choose to fill them with books and soft spots for long periods of reading, while others prefer to make them spaces of entertainment that enable them to cosy themselves beneath a blanket and watch films all through the night. regardless of distinct designs, however, dens should all primarily share one quality: comfort.

If you are wanting to create a den space within your home, however, it isn’t as straightforward as you might first think. Blankets and cushions are important elements of the environment but to maximise your comfort and ensure that your new den is a place that you and your family want to spend a great deal of time, you need to consider much more.

Acquiring Silence

Peacefulness isn’t always an easy accomplishment within the home. Even if you and your family are able to keep noise to a minimum, there is the world outside to consider. Neighbours can create distractions, as can traffic and passersby, preventing a space from ever feeling truly undisturbed. By the same token, the noise that you wish to create inside a den, such as the explosions of a high-octane action movie, can be an imposition on those around you, which is why noise is an essential consideration of the perfect den.

Cellars, attics, or outbuildings, such as log cabins and annexes, are ideal locations for a den because they each have the potential to create distance from the rest of your home, neighbours, and the outside world. Additionally, they can often be easier to insulate, keeping noise pollution, and any pesky distractions, away.

What Do You Need?

Utility is an important element of comfort. How can you possibly settle down inside your den if you need to stand up and leave to fetch snacks? And it should prompt you to consider more than the superficial decadence of your potential den.

Plug sockets and gadgets, those essential for long periods of time, should be worked into your den design before you consider the interior design. Even if you are keeping the television screen and mobile phone outside of your relaxing zone, you may still need lighting and refreshments, so be sure to tackle wiring first!

Express Yourself

A den isn’t solely another room in the home, one that echoes the rest of the property’s aesthetic. Instead, it is supposed to be a room of absolute and personal comfort. For this reason, you should feel ready to design it exactly how you’d like to see a room that you’ll spend a great amount of time in. If you have hesitated over certain colours or designs elsewhere in your home, don’t do the same inside your den. Our wellbeing is affected by our environment and, for us to feel entirely comfortable and happy within a space, it should reflect our personality.