Applications of a Hydraulic Shop Press at Home

The benefits of the hydraulic shop press are not unknown to the industrial world. Starting from manufacturing parts of cars, electrical appliances, making ceramics, manufacturing aircraft components, military applications, and so on, the hydraulic press is the most versatile and unrivaled asset. One will be surprised to know that a 20 ton industrial hydraulic shop press can be equally beneficial for home use.

Less expensive than industrial hydraulic presses

To address the requirement of the DIY at home, one has to invest in robust hydraulic presses that can render up to 25 tons of pressure. The best part is such devices are less expensive, thanks to the mechanical simplicity of DIY-at-home hydraulic presses. Such devices feature an in-built hand pump that inserts pressure to a smaller, single hydraulic cylinder. Despite implementing multiple pistons and high-speed operations frequently, one can expect hassle-free functioning.

Sorting out rusted elements

Often people experience rusted nuts, bolts, and other parts on metallic devices at home. Corrosion leads to a chemical restructuring of the item as a whole. Removing the rusted nuts from a bolt or rusted corrosion from any part of an item is a tedious job. Exhaust sections, wheel hubs, etc., are vulnerable areas of vehicles to get rusted. Thanks to hydraulic shop presses, rust can be sorted out easily. Spraying the affected parts with a lubricant like WD-40 is helpful to weaken the corrosion bonds.

Straighten the bent elements

A 20-ton industrial hydraulic shop press can apply pressure on parts like the control arm, steering linkage, bent shaft, and others and thereby straighten them. With the right support and fitting, the applied pressure via the hydraulic press can evenly get distributed. To identify the presence and the quantity of runout existence on parts that rotate, using an indicator gauge with a needle at the end is recommended. As the part rotates manually, the needle will move in and out and offer a precise evaluation of the straightening outcomes.

Crushing used oil filters

A hydraulic shop press that can exert a pressure of 10 tons or more can easily crush a car oil filter down in size, rendering several benefits. every drop of fluid left in the filter can be squeezed out easily and quickly. Since there is no wastage of oil, the homeowner is playing his/her part to protect the ecology. Crushing the used oil filter can be a good return on investment as well. This is true when someone plans to sell the oil per gallon. Moreover, the scrape steel parts also have value in the market.

DIY automotive repairs

DIY automotive repairs like replacing a bearing, bushing, pulley, or universal jolt can be done at a home garage with the presence of a hydraulic press. Usually, people get their car repairs and replacements done at repair shops by investing a hefty amount. The presence of a hydraulic shop press aids a homeowner to perform the car repairs and replacement of car parts by himself/herself by following a few YouTube tutorial videos.


The presence of a 20-ton industrial hydraulic shop press at home helps to perform several DIY projects. This saves time and money and also caters to the needs of DIY repairs and replacements of various items and parts.