Appliance Servicing Solutions for a Fish & Chip Shop

The great British meal of fish and chips has long been a part of the culture in the United Kingdom and if you happen to own and manage a fish and chip shop, appliance maintenance is critical. Your fryers and hot cabinets must work day in, day out and rather than simply waiting for something to go wrong, it is wiser to have the appliances serviced during your closing times.

  • Early Morning Service Calls – The only time of day that your shop is not open is in the early morning, which is the best time for servicing to be carried out, and that is much better than losing a key appliance during your busy times, which would seriously affect the business. With affordable commercial fryer repair in Normanton only a phone call away, any time you have a breakdown, the experts will be there in no time at all and your shop can remain open.

  • Setting a Servicing Schedule – If you make an agreement with the appliance servicing contractor, they will pay you regular visits to ensure that all your critical appliances are in good order, which is better than leaving it until you have a machine breakdown. Of course, the company would have an emergency call out service, should any of your appliances develop a fault, which will allow you to keep trading.

You simply can’t afford to take any chances with your essential cooking apparatus, so make sure that you have an agreement with a local commercial cooking appliance service company, then you can relax.